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MARCH 2021


Market or Pitch

The marketing and PR news and trends podcast from the vantage Black and Brown perspective. Featuring Yesenia Reinoso and Corey Davis.

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New episodes will debut weekly on Mondays.

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Vol 6: Adieu 2020...Really

In Volume 6 of “Market or Pitch,” Yesenia and Corey bid farewell (truly) to 2020 and look ahead to 2021 with a little ad and PR holiday spin. We discuss our break plans as well as a 2020 year-in-review. Finally, we dive into streaming domination, the Tropicana controversy, and 2021 predictions for the PR industry. The podcast crew at “Market or Pitch” wishes our audience an amazing and safe holiday season and a prosperous new year. We will see you with all-new episodes beginning with Volume 7 on January 11.

Vol 5: Tis The Season with NBA, KFC, and Brand Loyalty

In Volume 5 of “Market or Pitch,” Corey and Yesenia discussed streaming shows and how accurate the Netflix series “Emily in Paris” is. We also discuss the NBA’s plans to increase fan engagement in the COVID era. Finally, we dive into some news surrounding KFC’s newest venture with Lifetime and if it’s time for brands to begin taking a stand in their messaging.

Vol 4: The Perspective of Shopping, HBO Max, Super Bowl Spending, and Corporate Communications

In Volume 4 of “Market or Pitch,” Corey and Yesenia discussed post-Thanksgiving and participation in Black Friday or Cyber Monday. We also give a few hot takes on the news of Warner Brothers releasing their 2021 film slate on both HBOMax and theaters. Finally, we dive into some news surrounding ad spend in the Super Bowl and if corporate communications can stay in the spotlight in a post-COVID world.

Vol 3: Thanksgiving, COVID Vaccines and Diversity

In Volume 3 of “Market or Pitch,” Corey and Yesenia discussed Thanksgiving plans and potential changes due to rises in COVID-19 cases across the United States. We also discuss the emerging news of a COVID Vaccine from Pfizer and Moderna and what that means in the fight against the virus. Finally, we dive into the lack of diversity within the advertising and marketing industry. Happy Thanksgiving!

Vol 2: The Election of Chaos

After a two-week hiatus (in-between a long waiting game), Yesenia and Corey return for Volume 2 of “Market or Pitch.” Dubbed “The Election of Chaos,” Yesenia and Corey dive into all things Election 2020 as we discuss the huge success of broadcast TV, the miscalculation of ad spending, and Adweek’s declaration of Twitter being the 2020 winner of the Election Cycle.

Vol 1: Ageism, Brand Wokeness and More

In this inaugural episode, Yesenia and Corey introduce themselves to the podcasting world and go right into discussing voting, brand wokeness through Uncle Ben’s, and ageism as a forgotten theme in the PR industry’s diversity struggles.

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